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Our Staff

Robert M. Rubens (Bob)

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

Bob was hired in March 2014 as LeRoy Village Greens Administrator. He oversees all aspects of facility operations and managers. Bob is an advocate for cultural changes of the home operations. He analyses the facility data as it relates to the quality of resident care, implement plans to improve quality if issues are identified and also assures the operation is financially viable. He also ensure compliance of the various Federal, State and Local regulations that govern skilled nursing facilities. Bob has 30 years of experience in long term care that began in the dining services department and 25 years as an administrator overseeing the operations of both For-Profit and Non for Profit Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Communities.

Bob is an avid tennis player, current Board Member of the Tennis Club of Rochester and Current Board Member of the Foundation for Long Term Care which provides scholarship dollars to nurses and health care professionals. One thing Bob would like you know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know, is that our Nursing Home is clearly a pillar in the community since 1979. The Nursing Home is successful for several reasons; we have very committed ownership to providing quality of care to our residents. We have supportive residents and families and amazing longevity of our staff. We have personnel who have been here since the day we opened and the majority of our department managers and nurse managers exceed 20 years! We also have a very dedicated group of ancillary staff including our valued C.N.A’s, Dining Staff, Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance, Activities and Office Personnel who provide various functions and recreations.

Feel free to contact Bob with any questions about our facility or if you have any concerns.

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Catherine Caito

Social Worker

Direct Phone Number: 585-502-0454

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Jan Seville-DeBack

Activities Director

Jan has been working at LeRoy Village Green since it opened in 1979. She is an involved member of our Interdisciplinary Care Team and Resident Accident/Incident Committee. She oversees the Activities Department and the Volunteers Program. Jan coordinates educational programs for the residents, outgoing trips and family gatherings/parties. Jan has been awarded the Golden Apple for our educational programs. She also makes sure our facility libraries are in tip top shape for our residents and their families to enjoy. Prior to our opening, Jan worked as a dietary aide before starting her career in Activities, serving as the Assistant Activities Director for five years in Rochester. Jan’s hobbies in her spare time are amateur nature photography, gardening and being outside in nature. She also enjoys playing the piano for our residents and their families at our gatherings.

Direct Phone Number: (585) 502-0465

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Donna Friedman

Central Supply & Maintenance Supervisor

Donna started working for LeRoy Village Green in 1980 as a L.P.N., she transferred to Central Supply Supervisor in 1983 and in 1990 she also became the Maintenance Supervisor. Donna wears many hats; as a Central Supply Supervisor she is responsible for ordering medical and office supplies and equipment and as a Maintenance Supervisor she oversees the maintenance department, which involves the care and purchasing of equipment and services for the interior and exterior of the building.

Donna enjoys spending her time with family & friends, along with traveling, walking her dog and tending to her garden. One thing Donna would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know is that our facility is in a small community and has been owned by the same family since it opened in 1979.

Direct Phone Number: (585) 502-0460

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Theresa Hubbard

Director of Health Information

Theresa has been employed at LeRoy Village Green since 1988 and she is responsible for all of the medical records for our residents. She enjoys reading and gardening in her free time. One thing Theresa would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know, is that we are very family oriented.

Direct Phone Number: (585) 768-2561 x 266

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Bonnie Oklevitch RN

C Wing Nurse Manager

Bonnie has been a RN at the LeRoy Village Green since she first received her Registered Nursing license in 1997!

Her primary job duties would include managing a 40 bed unit, working with the Medical Team & Doctor visits. Bonnie over sees the L.P.N’s and C.N.A’s on her wing, making sure our residents are receiving their care with quality and compassion.

Outside of the work she loves to spend time with her Old English Sheepdog named Lucky and Pomeranian JuJu. She also enjoys working on renovations, decorating and furnishing her recently purchased home. Bonnie is a mother of four children and a grandmother of three grandchildren, whom she adores, as they are her pride and joy! One thing Bonnie would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know, is that it is a very family oriented facility and many employees have worked here for ten or more years. Seeing familiar faces every day makes it comforting for the residents and their families.

Direct Phone Number: 585-768-2561 Ext. 249


Robin Easton RN

Nurse Manager on D-Wing

Direct Phone Number: (585) 768-2561 x 200

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Janet Palenski RN

A Wing Nurse Manager

Direct Phone Number: (585)768-2561 Ext. 202

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Sue DiFlippo

Director of Food Service

Sue has worked at LeRoy Village Green for 31 years in our Dietary Department. Sue is reponsible for overseeing the operations and the staff in Dietary.

Sue enjoys spending time with her friends, family including her two wonderful sons. She also travels as much as possible, loves to garden, and make crafts.

One thing Sue would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know is that most of our food is amde from scratch by using standarized recipes.  Residents also give suggestions and recipes and when possible the Dietary Department will try to use them in our menu. Please feel free to contact Sue with any questions or concerns regarding Dietary.

Direct Phone Number: (585) 502-0462

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Amy Smith

P/T & O/T Coordinator

Amy is employed by Freedom Therapy but has been working at LeRoy Village Green since 2010. Amy is responsible for making sure our residents are receiving proper treatments, which means she has to coordinating coverage and assigning daily responsibilities for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists. Prior to LeRoy Village Green, she has worked as a staff Occupational Therapist.

Amy has two boys that keep her busy outside of work. Her favorite hobbies are running, swimming, and anything outdoors. One thing Amy would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know, is the team work in the therapy department! Everyone is in a supportive friendly environment, they work hard however in a fun and professional home like setting.

Direct Phone Number:  (585) 502-0196

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Maureen Straight RN

MDS Coordinator

Maureen started at LeRoy Village Green in 2015.  She graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a BSN in 1989 and she started working at Strong Memorial Hospital on the Neurosurgical unit. She also worked at Avon Nursing Home from 1999-2014 before coming to LeRoy Village Green.

Maureen lives in Avon and is married with 5 kids ranging in age from 8-23 years.  In her spare time, she runs her younger kids around to various activities. She also enjoys reading, natural health and wellness, and cooking.

Direct Phone Number: (585) 768-2561 x 256

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Jill Thurston

Bookkeeping Supervisor

Jill has worked at LeRoy Village Green since 2004 in the Bookkeeping Department. Some of her hobbies are reading, camping at her seasonal site, fishing and enjoying time outside on nice days.

Direct Phone Number: (585) 502-0459

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Jennifer Trigilio R.N.

Director of Nursing

Jennifer has worked at LeRoy Village Green since 2002 and she was recently promoted to Director of Nursing. In an organized manor, Jennifer plans, directs and evaluates nursing services in order to meet the needs of our residents. While in High School, Jen worked in dietary and eventually transitioned into a C.N.A. while attending school to become an LPN.  Jen continued on to become a RN and was our D Wing Nurse Manager for 9 years before she was the Quality Care Coordinator.

A few things you should know about Jen is that she loves staying active such as running, camping, and hiking. When she isn’t working she enjoys her time spent with her husband and three children. Jen would like you to know that LeRoy Village Green is very family oriented and we take pride in our work and strive to do better each day.

Direct Phone Number: (585) 768-2561 x 241

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Samantha Vagg

Placement Director

Samantha has been employed at LeRoy Village Green since 1999. She is responsible for admitting residents from home or the hospital. For most of our families and residents she is the first person they speak with during the admission process. Samantha also represents LeRoy Village Green in many community organizations. She is a sports enthusiast who loves cheering on the Bills, Yankees & Sabers and she loves her Golden Retriever, Winslow.

One thing Samantha would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know is we have fantastic staff longevity! Our average an employee stays for over 8 years and as you may know, this is very uncommon in the healthcare industry, which is notorious for high turnover. The residents have the same people taking care of them every day; which lets us get to know them and most importantly they get to know our staff and trust us. She believes having familiar faces around daily is a significant benefit for our residents.

Please feel free to contact Samantha to schedule a tour of our facility or to answer your questions on admissions.

Direct Phone Number:  (585) 502-0450

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Cindy Waldron

Office Manager/ HR

Cindy is a valued employee at LeRoy Village Green and started working here in 1981 as a LPN. After twenty-one years of being a nurse, she took over the Nursing Secretary position and in 2009 she accepted the position of Office Manager/ Administrator Secretary.  She is responsible for the clerical work in the front office, the office receptionists, Human Resources and she is also the in house Notary. Cindy enjoys spending time crocheting, shopping, cooking, spending time with family & her two grandchildren and she loves her Cocker Spaniel, Logan.

One thing Cindy would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know, is that we have an annual dog talent and costume party! Our employees and resident families bring in their pets for an afternoon of talent and adorable costume’s. This party is usually held around Halloween time and our residents love spending time with all of our furry friends!

Feel free to contact me with any questions about our facility or if need something Notarized.

Direct Phone Number: (585) 502-0453

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Lisa Wehner RN

B Wing Nurse Manger

Lisa has been employed at the LeRoy Village Green since 2008. Before becoming a Registered Nurse, she was a Certified Nurses Aid from 1982-1987. Lisa oversees the care and well-being for 32 Long Term Care Residents on B-Wing. In her spare time she loves to do arts and crafts and hiking trips when the weather is nice.

One thing Lisa would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know, is that we have a wonderful family atmosphere. The LeRoy Village Green staff will make birthday parties and family gatherings a very special one. Lisa also enjoys accompanying the residents on casino trips to The Batavia Downs and in the summer sitting outside, enjoying dinner and listening to music at Tom Wahls.

Direct Phone number: (585) 768-2561 Ext. 209

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Mary Ann Wortman

Social Worker

Direct Phone Number: (585) 502-0455

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Nancy Wright

Supervisor of Environmental Services

Nancy has been employed with LeRoy Village Green since 1982. She has worked in both the Housekeeping and Laundry Departments before become Supervisor of both of them in 1983.  She is dedicated to making both departments operate efficiently and effectively by providing clean and comfortable environments to all of our residents.

Nancy enjoys spending her time reading, cooking and traveling. One thing Nancy would like you to know about LeRoy Village Green that you might not know is that many individuals who work here come back when they are not working to spend time with our residents. Whether it is to play cards, participate in an activity that they both share an interest in or just to visit. She think that’s one thing that sets us apart from other homes.

Please feel free to contact Nancy with any Laundry or Housekeeping questions.

Direct Phone Number:  (585) 502-0461

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